Quick Picklin’

Published June 14th, 2019

Quik Picklin
Pick a peck of—well, anything! Add a vinegar brine, let stand in the fridge, and you have a breezy summer salad of pickled veggies, fruits, or both.

Vinegar Matters
Simple to make, brine is the sauce that converts veggies into pickled treats. The key to a great brine is choice of vinegar. White vinegar gives the clearest, crispest brine, while apple cider vinegar makes a darker, tastier brine. Rice vinegar creates a subtle Asian-flavor brine, and Champagne or white balsamic vinegar pairs best with fruit. Red wine vinegar provides a deep color, rich‑tasting brine.

Blue Ribbon Tips

  • Select produce that is perfect—no bruises or blemishes. That’s Fresh Thyme produce!
  • Use jars that have wide mouths, which are easy to fill. Choose jars sized to what you pickle; we used pint jars, but use a larger size if you have more veggies.
  • Pack produce tightly, using care with soft or fragile foods. Leave ½-inch space at top.
  • Pour in hot brine, letting it filter into trapped spaces; tap jars to dislodge air bubbles. Brine level should be above the produce.

Find recipes for our favorite summer picklin’ combos at freshthyme.com/recipes

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