Pick Up the Beet

Published September 13th, 2018

Filled with sweet, earthy flavor, beets are a nutritional powerhouse!

Beets like to show off a little at the dinner table with their vibrant color and many health benefits. They are a superfood that contains vitamins and minerals like folate, manganese, copper, fiber, and potassium. The bright pigment in beets is called betanin. It can be especially beneficial to athletes and people with high blood pressure due to its positive impact on delivering oxygen to the blood vessels. How does it work? Natural nitrates (from the betanin, not those found in preserved meats) turn into nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels and can improve endurance.

“Beets are nutritious and delicious! Filled with the mineral manganese that helps our brains and nerves function properly, beets are great in a hearty fall salad or served as a side dish.”
– Meghan Sedivy, Fresh Thyme Registered Dietitian

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