F resh Thyme coffee merchants hike through the mountains of such places as Colombia and Sumatra, where they team up with small farm and co-op growers who gather an array of tantalizing beans. Next, those beans are handed over to Fresh Thyme coffee experts—virtuosos whose palate for coffee is as fine-tuned as a Stradivarius violin. They taste all the beans collected. They weed out the ones that are only so-so. They pare away still more beans—beans that might make the cut at another store, but not at Fresh Thyme. Then they taste the remaining beans again. And again. And they keep refining the selection until all that remains are clear, pure strains of coffee. Once these maestros have selected the best-tasting beans, Fresh Thyme meticulously roasts the chosen few to perfection. Only then are the beans delivered to the store. Every fabulous cup of coffee contains a taste of faraway mountains— courtesy of Fresh Thyme Farmers Market! A fresh Thyme cup of coffee begins with a perfect bean. THEBESTBREW JUSTFOR YOU Even More to Love! With unique flavors from around the world and intensities ranging from bold to subtle, there’s always a new coffee to taste from Fresh Thyme! t t t t t t 0C2-003 TOC/Q&A/Spotlights_02.11.indd 2 2/11/19 9:34 AM