Hot pOTATO RED,BLUE,ORGOLD—THELITTLEPOTATOCOMPANYHAS CREAMERPOTATOESOFEVERYCOLORANDFLAVOR! Bursting with nutrition, “creamer” potatoes are naturally small potatoes, not baby potatoes. (Think of cherry tomatoes and you get the idea.) They come prewashed and uniform size, which means they’re super fast to prep and cook. Boiled, baked, or added to your favorite dish, you’ll want to gobble up every bit of deliciousness—skin and all! Checkout theserecipesusing LittlePotatoes: POTATO SALAD WITH VINEGAR DRESSING recipe p. 21 CORNED BEEF, CABBAGE, AND POTATOES recipe p. 36 034-035 Danon_Potato_02.11.indd 35 2/11/19 10:20 AM