HAWAIIAN CHICKEN SPRING ROLLS p.25 SECTIONS 4 RIPE NOW ARTICHOKES Fresh artichokes are in season—and ripe for a feast. 40 HEALTHY LIFE SPRING IS IN THE AIR Advice and products to help allergy sufferers. 6 FRESH FINDS WHAT'S IN STORE Our favorite new products we’re eager to share. 11 DIETITIANS’ CORNER FILL UP ON FIBER Why we need fiber (really!) and how to get it. 38 KIDS THYME TINY TUMMIES Serve baby food that’s yummy in the tummy! 36 MAKES CENTS IRISH FARE Corned beef on a budget for your best St. Paddy’s Day spread. - n - 13 Plant Powered Get the dish on our top picks for plant-based proteins. 16 Spring Together The season calls for a celebration, and a Fresh Thyme spiral-cut ham takes center stage with a cherry-jalapeño glaze. 22 Purple Palate Purple veggies pack serious nutritional perks. 24 Tropical Flavors Sample a taste of paradise with coconut shrimp, papaya boats, sangria, and heavenly spring rolls! 28 Herbs du Jour Grow basil and other herbs in your kitchen for freshness at your fingertips. 30Superfoodit! Two crowd favorites—pizza and brownies—get nutrition-packed superfood makeovers. march-april 2019 freshthyme.com | March/April 2019 1 0C2-003 TOC/Q&A/Spotlights_02.11.indd 1 2/11/19 9:34 AM