Foster a warm, inviting atmosphere with good food and good cheer. Fresh Thyme makes food prep easy with flavorful meats, seasonal produce, and recipes that are updated takes on classics. Invite friends and family to gather ’round the table: It’s dinnertime! GATHER THE FAMILY TO FEAST ON THE SEASON’S FAVORITES. BE READY FOR THE OOHS AND AAHS WHEN YOU SERVE A FRESH THYME SPIRAL-CUT HAM. On the Menu Dyed & deviled eggs Dye eggs the day before and finish the festive appetizers the morning of the party. Snap peas with tomatoes & mushrooms Quick to prepare, assemble this side dish right before it’s time to sit down. Spiral ham with cherry- jalapeño glaze & compote The star of the meal, Fresh Thyme ham is presliced— serving is a breeze. Flowers make any meal festive. Pick up a bouquet or two from Fresh Thyme while you’re there. Potato salad with vinegar dressing Prepare this side dish while the ham is roasting. Finishing touches Fresh Thyme take-and-bake artisan French rolls and vanilla cupcakes (topped with jellybeans from the Bulk Foods aisle) round out the feast. Iced tea is an easy, refreshing beverage. 016-021 Spring Together_02.11.indd 17 2/11/19 9:50 AM