Sm ies Collagen powder makes a great mix-in for smoothies. It adds protein, which makes you feel full longer. Protein Shakes Add collagen powder to your post-workout shake. It boosts protein (to build and repair muscles) and offers amino acids. Cofî Stir a serving of collagen powder into your morning coffee. A flavorless formula blends in easily without affecting the taste. POwder Youtheory Collagen Powder provides 6 grams of hydrolyzed collagen protein per serving. It is also fortified with vitamin C and biotin. LiquID NeoCell Collagen+C™ Pomegranate Liquid has 4 grams of collagen in each serving. It contains vitamin C to aid collagen production. capsules Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen capsules each contain 2 grams collagen- protein complex from five food sources. C ollagen acts as the glue that holds our bodies together. It is a structural protein that strengthens tendons, joints, and ligaments. Essential for mobility, collagen has been shown to improve skin, hair, and nails, along with helping to reduce joint pain. Lifestyle factors (eating excess sugar, smoking, and being sedentary) contribute to decreases in collagen production. Want to supplement your intake of collagen? You’ll find a variety of choices at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Look for products such as bone broth and gelatin powder, as well as a variety of collagen powders, capsules, and liquids in the Healthy Living department. Consult your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet. OUR BODIES NATURALLY MAKE COLLAGEN, BUT PRODUCTION DECREASES WITH AGE. THAT’S WHERE SUPPLEMENTS CAN PROVIDE A BOOST. s u pport 3ways totry collagen c agen OUR DIETITIAN’S DISH: “I’m converted to collagen coffee! Most of us are particular about our coffee, but I promise it doesn’t change the taste. It packs nutritional benefits, including fostering bone and joint health, plus helping hair and nails!” —Kerry Clifford, Fresh Thyme Registered Dietitian | September/October 2018 35 034-035 Collagen Support.indd 35 8/13/18 5:13 PM