A p p l e c ider shandy M i x e q u a l p a r t s a p pleciderandhoneywheatbeer. C H I L L E D A P P L E C I D ER AND BEER. C H E E R S T O F A L L S I P ON MUGS FILLED WITH COOKING WITH BEER With the tailgating season in full swing, it’s the ideal time to sip on beer—and cook with it, too! What type of beer works best? Choose one you like. Chances are if you enjoy a beer for drinking, you’ll like it in recipes. Beers fall into two main categories: lagers (bock and pilsner) are dry and light, while ales (pale ale, porter, stout, and wheat) tend to be earthy and fruity. For our poached apples (opposite), we used an amber ale for its caramel and malt flavors. And we chose a wheat beer for the polenta (see p. 31); the beer's mellow, fruity notes pair well with shrimp. If you are new to cooking with beer, start out light-handed. Add beer as you would a splash of lemon juice at the end of cooking. Our creamy polenta is a perfect example; we stir in a little beer during the last 5 minutes of cooking for a “just right” hint of beer flavor. GILBERT'S CRAFT SAUSAGES Sausage, but better! Each great-tasting Gilbert’s sausage is all-natural, made with antibiotic-free chicken, and individually-wrapped for convenience and freshness. Bring the fall-friendly Bourbon Apple Chicken Sausage to your next tailgate! FRESH THYME CLEAN & SIMPLE CARAMEL DIP We've taken our ooey-gooey caramel dip to the next level. It's free from high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. Serve with pretzels or sliced fruit dippers. Or drizzle over apple pie. PRETZILLA SOFT PRETZEL BITES This tub of lightly sweet, snackable pretzel bites brings the fun to fall parties. Sprinkle them with salt (packet included).Take things to the next level by serving these soft, airy bites warm with cheese dip. Try these Fresh Thyme products included).Take things to the next freshthyme.com | September/October 2018 33 030-033 On Tap.indd 33 8/8/18 9:26 AM