sections 4RIPE NOW PEAR-FECTION With the arrival of fall, pears are plentiful. Learn uses for various types. 35HEALTHY LIFE COLLAGEN SUPPORT Drink in the benefits of collagen. Your body will thank you! 7FRESH FINDS WHAT‘S IN STORE Check out new products in stores now. 10DIETITIANS’ CORNER LUNCH WITH A PUNCH Fresh Thyme Dietitians offer lunch-packing tips for kids of all ages. 37KIDS THYME PUMPKIN FUN! Skip carving and decorate pumpkins with produce. 39MAKES CENTS ONE CHICKEN 3 MEALS Transform one roast chicken into soup, pizza, and lettuce wraps. shrimpwith polenta&lime p.31 in this issue 13 THE MILKY WAY Navigate the growing variety of choices— from cow’s milk to dairy alternatives. Compare flavors and nutritional differences. 16PICK UP THE BEET Enjoy the vibrant color, flavor, and health benefits of beets in unexpected ways. Try recipes for beet hummus and beet chips. 20TASTE THE MEDITERRANEAN Curious about the Mediterranean diet? We show you why it’s popular and list foods and a recipe to get you started. 22PACK IT UP Just in time for back-to-school, try our tips for packing healthy lunches for you and your kids. 26DINNER IN AN INSTANT Check out these quick weeknight meals. Our multi-use electric pressure cooker recipes also work in your slow cooker. 30 ON TAP Cheers to these sweet and savory recipes featuring beer and fall flavors. SEPT EMBER-OCTOBER 2018 CV2-003 TOC_Ed Letter.indd 1 8/13/18 9:46 AM