T he multifunction electric pressure cooker seems to do it all—pressure-cook, slow-cook, steam, and sauté as well as make rice, yogurt, and more. The pressure-cook mode cooks two to six times faster than conventional methods. For example, a beef pot roast takes 2½ hours in the oven or 8 hours on low in a slow cooker but takes about 30 minutes in the multifunction electric pressure cooker. That’s pretty impressive! To avoid the dinner rush, try our three new recipes for the multifunction electric pressure cooker. If you’d rather use a slow cooker, we have those instructions, too. InanInstant 1. When sautéing ingredients prior to pressure cooking, preheat oil in the pot for a couple of minutes; it helps prevent food from sticking. 2. After sautéing, deglaze the pot with a liquid from the recipe (like broth or wine) and scrape up bits from the surface. (This avoids a potential "burn" message later on.) 3. Avoid using thick ingredients (that cannot boil) in the bottom of the pot. SEPTEMBER IS FAMILY MEALS MONTH—MAKE THEM EASY WITH ONE-POT RECIPES! DINNER tips for instant success 026-029 Dinner in an Instant.indd 26 8/8/18 9:19 AM