dairy Consider portable options like cheese sticks, as well as individual cartons of milk and yogurt. YY r r y y y y y y y T o p a p p l e s l i c e s w i t h a l m o n d b u tter, sliced almonds, & min i c h o c o l a t e c h i p s . Make a fruit & yogurt p a r f a i t . U s e yogurt as a dip for fruit skewers. a bit of honey Fresh Thyme Farmers Market’s flavored honey sticks are easy to transport in lunches. Use them to top corn bread from the bakery. skewer it For skewers, choose fruits that won't discolor such as berries, kiwi, and mango. enjoy sweets, such as a chia bar or a bite of chocolate, in moderation. fresh fruit, such as california grapes, are always a tasty, convenient choice for snacks and lunches. when it comes to beverages, avoid sugary drinks. Choose milk or water. dip it mix it veggie thyme! Go b a n a n a s ! a sweet ending fun with fruit pleaser crowd- yum! freshthyme.com | September/October 2018 25 022-025 Pack it Up.indd 25 8/13/18 9:56 AM