Beets are typically available year-round, but they are considered “in season” from early summer through late fall. There are multiple varieties of beets, including popular red and golden (pictured). Be careful when washing and peeling these root vegetables, as their pigment can stain. Don’t toss the edible greens; they are nutritional powerhouses, too. Add them to fresh green salads or sauté them in a bit of olive oil. don't skip a beet Humann superbeets® Just 1 teaspoon of highly concentrated supplement powder is equal to three beets. Supports healthy circulation, improved energy, and stamina. angelic bakehouse sprouted 7whole grains beet wraps Each wrap is loaded with 21 grams of whole grains. The wraps are vegetarian, non-GMO, and kosher. Farmhouse Culture Ginger Beets Enjoy the anti- inflammatory and blood detoxifying benefits of these ginger-flavored fermented beets. They are a source of probiotics. Fresh Thyme Beet Noodles Available in the ready-to-go produce case, beet noodles taste great raw in salads or roasted as a side dish. Want more? Fresh Thyme Farmers Market has beet powders, juices, shots, chips, and even noodles. You’ll also find beets used as a food coloring and in natural candy find Beet Juice in the f r e s h t h y m e j u i c e r y ! look for beet powder in the fresh thyme bulk spices. 016-019 Pick Up the Beet.indd 19 8/8/18 9:07 AM