| May/June 2018 39 Whether you're planning a graduation open house or a neighborhood bash, serving food buffet-style is an easy, cost- effective way to entertain. Since the biggest expense is typically the taco filling, begin with cutting costs on it. Here is a rundown of ingredients and quantities you'll need to feed 50 people two tacos each. Cilantro-Lime RICE Rice is inexpensive and easy to dress up for company. Try combining Fresh Thyme Organic Basmati Rice with fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro. Guests wanting a meat-free filling option can combine rice with black beans. Slow-Cooker TACO MEAT Blending chopped mushrooms into your taco meat adds flavor, provides moisture, and extends the yield of your meat. Bonus: It saves you money, too. Simply mix a 50-50 blend of finely chopped mushrooms and ground meat. Look for in-store specials on ground meats. Season your taco meat with Fresh Thyme Taco Seasoning, using one packet for every 1 lb. of meat mixture. Soft TORTILLAS You’ll get more for your money when you purchase corn tortillas. taco Filling 10 lb. ground beef 10 lb. white button mushrooms 10 (1 oz.) envelopes taco seasoning cilantro-lime rice 8 cups uncooked rice (24 cups cooked) 1½ cups chopped cilantro ¾ cup fresh lime juice beans 2 lb. (4 cups) dry black beans (12 cups cooked) tortillas 100 corn tortillas cheese 3 lb. shredded cheese lettuce 3 heads lettuce, shredded Tomato 9 medium tomatoes, chopped Salsa 12 cups sour cream 6 cups TACO PARTY FOR 50 - 2 tacos each- WANTINGTOSERVEACROWDWITHOUT BREAKINGTHEBANK?SETUPABUDGET- FRIENDLYTACOBARWITHHELPFROM FRESHTHYMEFARMERSMARKET! shopping list TOP THAT! Offer chopped green onion and fresh cilantro for a bite of freshness. URBAN ACCENTS® GLOBAL TACO SIMMER SAUCES Street tacos go global with simmer sauces that are small- batch-crafted, clean-label, and gluten-free. Korean BBQ, Tangy Tomatillo & Garlic, Thai Chili, and Jamaican Jerk complement steak, poultry, seafood, tofu, and veggies. FRONTERA® MEXICAN COOKING SAUCES Created by award-winning chef Rick Bayless, these convenient single-use pouches deliver authentic Mexican flavors for restaurant-quality dishes at home in only 15 minutes. Try these Fresh Thyme products 038-039 Taco Bar.indd 39 4/16/18 3:00 PM