Chill cheese for easier grating. four ounces of cheese equals 1 cup grated. | May/June 2018 19 GOAT This tangy, creamy cheese, also known as chèvre (which is French for “goat”), is made from goat’s milk. It is packaged as crumbles or in logs, which can be rolled in fresh herbs, nuts, and/or dried fruit. Crumble on salad, top a pizza, and stuff it in olives. HAVARTI A semisoft cow’s-milk cheese, Havarti has a buttery flavor and smooth texture. It is packaged in blocks and available in flavored varieties such as dill. Havarti melts well, making it a velvety addition to sauces and sandwiches. Cut into cubes and thread with fruit onto skewers. MUENSTER This soft processed cow’s-milk cheese is pale yellow with Cheese knowledge Manchego Parmigiano- Reggiano Gorgonzola Brie an orange rind. Muenster has a mild flavor that becomes more pungent with age. It pairs well with beer and melts easily for mac and cheese. EMMENTALER This firm cow’s-milk Swiss cheese has a nutty, sweet flavor and a pale yellow color. The signature holes in this cheese are called eyes; the larger the eyes, the more prominent the flavor. It is great on sandwiches and melted in fondue. MANCHEGO A semisoft sheep’s- milk cheese from Spain, this has a sweet, nutty and tangy flavor with a pale yellow color. The waxed rind has a herringbone pattern and is inedible. This cheese pairs with fruits and works well on an antipasto platter. PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO Referred to as Parmesan in English, this hard cow’s-milk Italian cheese is straw color and has a sharp fruity, nutty flavor. Serve grated in risotto, sprinkled on pizza, or sliced as a snack. BRIE This double-crème Brie is a soft-ripened cow’s-milk cheese. It has a tangy, mild flavor with a delicate white edible rind. An ideal dessert cheese, Brie is best served at room temperature drizzled with honey or baked in puffed pastry. CAMEMBERT A soft-ripened cow’s-milk cheese, it is pale yellow with a soft center (softer than Brie) and a rich buttery flavor. Like Brie, this cheese has a delicate white edible rind. Bake and serve with a sliced baguette or add to a panini. GORGONZOLA This crumbly soft blue-veined cow’s-milk cheese is just one of several blue cheeses. Available in wedges or crumbles, it has a sharp, yet mild flavor. Crumble gorgonzola over salads or add it to creamy salad dressings and dips. Camembert 018-019 Say Cheese1.indd 19 4/11/18 4:24 PM