Cilantro-Lime Chicken with Grilled Watermelon Pico de gallo Peek into the paleo pantry Shop Fresh Thyme Farmers Market and pick up these Paleo products: Coconut aminos This alternative to soy sauce is lower in sodium and contains no soy or wheat. It is found in the Asian section. Ghee Found near the cooking oils, Fresh Thyme Organic Ghee is a clarified butter with the milk solids removed. Most important for grill lovers, it has a high smoke point, so it lends great flavor without burning. Gelatin Unflavored gelatin powder is a helpful swap for cornstarch as a thickener in sweet and savory sauces. Look for it in the baking aisle. Dissolve it in cool water (to avoid lumps) before stirring it into hot liquids. Coconut flour Fresh Thyme Organic Coconut Flour is an all-purpose flour alternative. It contains fewer carbohydrates than traditional grains. It is highly absorbent, so begin with recipes designed specifically for coconut flour, like our Cast-Iron Hazelnut- Nectarine Buckle on p. 16. 12 Fresh Thyme Crave | 010-017 Paleo on the Grill.indd 12 4/11/18 12:21 PM