| May/June 2018 9 CELEBRATE WARMER TEMPS WITH REFRESHING WINE SLUSHIES. TOSS FROZEN FRUIT AND WINE IN A BLENDER AND GIVE IT A WHIRL! red blueberry sparkling sweet red wine + Fresh Thyme frozen blueberries raspberry-peach pink moscato wine + Fresh Thyme frozen raspberries and peach slices whitePineapple sparkling white wine + Fresh Thyme frozen pineapple chunks 1 cup Wine 21 /2 cups frozen fruit + + How to: Start chillin’! Combinewineandfruitinablender.Start with½cupofwineandgraduallyaddupto½cupmore, pulsingtoachieveanicy,blendedconsistency. Usefrozenfruitorfreshfruitandafewicecubes. Slushfun 008-009 Dietitians Corner.indd 9 4/11/18 11:44 AM