welcome... Spring has sprung at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market! With warmer weather coming and the days getting brighter, we’re looking forward to the fresh produce and outdoor activities. March and April are packed with excitement: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and nutrition month (yes, nutrition month is exciting!) This issue of Fresh Thyme Crave includes a crunchy asparagus salad and a collection of spring greensrecipes, including a surprising one with Halo Top Ice Cream included! Our Dietitians’ Corner shares our view on why nutrition is so important and how food is the most under- prescribed medicine around. And, if you’re as excited to spring-clean as we are, try all our natural spring- cleaning solutions and homemade cleaner recipes. Check out our new feature for feeding a family of four for $8.38—You can’t beat that! Until May, Kerry Clifford & Meghan Sedivy Fresh Thyme Registered Dietitians K e r r y Clifford, MS, RD, L D N G ET SO CIA L WITH U S Visit freshthyme.com for exclusive deals, coupons, and recipes. Activate your free MyThyme Fresh Rewards and start saving in seconds! Follow us on Facebook, and share new favorites on Instagram and Twitter (#FreshThymeFinds). My favorite part of spring is ... M eghan Sedivy, RD,LDN thearrivalof Warmerweather soIcanrun outsidein shorts! watchingmy gardenwake upafteralong winternap. “Try it. Let me know if you like it!” Sharon Connett calls out to a customer at the Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in West Des Moines, Iowa. Sharon, the friendly face at the Juicery, is passionate about serving her customers. “My philosophy is you get what you give, and I love to give!” If you pass by her corner of the store, chances are she’ll offer you a smile and a sample of her fresh 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices. “Once people try a juice, I get them hooked on it.” She finds that, beyond the ever-popular fresh- squeezed orange juice, other favorites include the Green Thyme, Red Thyme and Orange Thyme juice blends. Sharon explains, “People appreciate that our juices are cost-effective and consistently high- quality. If they are new to juicing, I encourage them to start with a shot a day and build from there.” Sharon understands firsthand the importance of making healthy food choices. At one time, she was carrying 60 extra pounds, which she attributes to a steady diet of processed and fast foods. Since that time, she’s overhauled her eating habits, made healthier choices (including fresh juices), and dropped the weight. Learn more about the Juicery on page 18. “THE FRESH THYME FARMERS MARKET STAFF IS LIKE ONE BIG FAMILY. WE LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER. OUR STORE IS SPECIAL; EMPLOYEES TRULY CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS!” —Sharon Connett Fresh Thyme Juicery West Des Moines, IA EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: IT'S JUICE THYME! freshthyme.com | March/April 2018 3 0C2-001 TOC_Ed Letter.indd 3 2/12/18 12:03 PM