bowl organic! FRESH THYME MAKES GOING ORGANIC MORE AFFORDABLE THAN EVER! Look for organic nuts, grains, and more in our Bulk Department. Z go organic! H ave you heard that eating organic is expensive? Thanks to Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, it doesn’t have to be that way. Fill your shopping cart with high- quality, budget-friendly organic products from nearly every department: produce, meats, dairy, packaged goods, personal care, and cosmetics. Simply look for products that bear the USDA Organic seal. If you’re new to organics, you might wonder, “what does organic actually mean”? It refers to how farmers grow and process agricultural products. The goal is to farm without harming the soil and water quality and to provide animals better habitats than in conventional farming. It forbids synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, irradiation to preserve food, genetic engineering of crops, and antibiotics or growth hormones in livestock. In turn, we as consumers benefit by avoiding these items in our diets and in our personal care products. 028-029 Organic.indd 28 2/12/18 4:49 PM