Kale Large, wrinkly leaves have an earthy flavor. Use in soups and sauces, or sauté as a side dish. Bake kale chips or stir cooked kale into farro. Butterhead Lettuce As the name suggests, this lettuce is buttery soft in texture. It has large leaves and a mild flavor. Use for lettuce wraps, lettuce cups, sandwiches, or salads. Dandelion Greens Bitter, earthy leaves have jagged edges and a delicate texture. Toss with sweeter greens for a salad mix and top with bacon and goat cheese. Blanch in salted water or sauté and wilt down. Red Leaf Lettuce This tender, delicate lettuce is mild in flavor. Use it to add color to mixed green salads or layer it on sandwiches. Arugula Tangy and peppery arugula adds a spicy edge. Mix with milder greens for salads or use it to top pizzas or make pesto. Spinach Tender leaves have a mild, delicately sweet flavor. Use fresh for salads, smoothies, or stuffed chicken. Cook with garlic for a quick side dish. Green seeing Cleaning Your Greens Wash greens under running water just before using. Earlier washing might introduce moisture and promote premature spoilage. If you have a head of lettuce, cut out the core prior to washing. If using small tender leaves, like a spring mix, submerge in water and then drain. Use a salad spinner or paper towels to pat-dry. freshthyme.com | March/April 2018 17 010-017 Spring Greens_new.indd 17 2/12/18 12:43 PM