March is nutrition month, a great time to focus on healthy fuel for our bodies. The right food choices can make all the difference! Ever feel sleepy during the day or run-down during a workout and wonder why? What you feed your body makes a huge difference in your energy level, and yes, even mood. Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is a true “farmacy” filled with superfoods to fuel active lifestyles for all ages. We encourage shoppers to get past the idea that food should be looked at as calories in versus calories out. “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” — Hippocratс, 400 BC MEGHAN SEDIVY RD, LDN MEGHAN SEDIVY KERRY CLIFFORD MS, RD, LDN #NewYearsGoals foodisfuel AMERICANS ARE GETTING BUSIER EVERY DAY, AND SOMETIMES HEALTHY FOOD BECOMES THE LAST PRIORITY. HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINED YOU COULD GO FURTHER WITH FOOD? Sometimes we forget what food was meant to do. Thousands of years before we had medicine, naturally found foods were used to treat common ailments. Ginger was used to reduce nausea, mint for digestion, and lemon for antibacterial properties. Food doesn’t get enough credit. A recent study by The Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated that 45% of all cardiometabolic deaths were linked to poor diet, citing high sodium, low nut/seeds, low seafood, low vegetables, low fruits, high sugar-sweetened beverages, and high processed meat intake. The science of nutrition is truly fascinating because one unhealthy meal doesn’t increase your risk of chronic disease, a lifetime of poor habits does. There is no one nutrient that’s responsible for all disease, and there is no singular nutrient that will make us 100 percent healthy. It really is the overall dietary pattern and moderation. March is nutrition month, and this year’s theme is “Go further with food.” We know that reducing processed food intake and including more real, whole foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, lean meats, seafood, and whole grains are the healthiest patterns. In this issue we encourage you to think about the parts of your life you can make better with nutrition. Let’s spring into action! —Kerry & Meghan | March/April 2018 9 008-009 Dietitians Corner.indd 9 2/12/18 12:38 PM