Just in time for this issue of Fresh Thyme Crave, we're excited to introduce a regular “Ask the Dietitians” feature. We'll answer your most frequently asked questions. Let's get started! Beth from Wisconsin: “I take vitamin D in the winter. Do I need to take it in the summer too?” M & K: The sun is a key source of vitamin D, but most of us work inside, even during the summer. Studies show that adults with optimal vitamin D levels have dropped from 60% in the early '90s to 30% in the early 2000s. Only a few foods contain vitamin D, such as salmon, tuna, milk, and mushrooms. Wonder if you're getting enough vitamin D? Get your blood work done. Depending on your blood levels and age, taking approximately 400 to 800 IU (international units) of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) per day is recommended. K e rry Clifford, MS, RD, LD N G ET SO CIA L WITH U S Visit freshthyme.com for exclusive deals, coupons, and recipes. Activate your free MyThyme Fresh Rewards and start saving in seconds! Follow us on Facebook, and share new favorites on Instagram and Twitter (#FreshThymeFinds). M eghan Sedivy, RD, LDN Looking for a friendly face to help you choose vitamins, supplements, and body care products? Look no further. Melanie Steinau, manager of the Natural Living Department at the Harpers Station Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in Cincinnati, Ohio, is here to help. Melanie offers customized advice for shoppers. “I may have a customer who has taken antibiotics and wants to explore probiotics. I help navigate the wide selection of choices.” Melanie says she also introduces customers to other popular natural living products, such as protein powders and essential oils. “I find that customers appreciate the friendly, upbeat nature of Fresh Thyme. We truly value customer service, and that goes beyond the boundaries of my department. I often end up walking shoppers around the store, pointing out helpful products as they start their journey to healthier living.” When Melanie is away from work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and their 2-year-old rescue dog. During the warmer months, she likes to hike, run, spend time at the pool, and grill out. “WE'RE YOUR ONE- STOP SHOP FOR HEALTHY LIVING. OUR ASSOCIATES RECEIVE TRAINING ON THE LATEST PRODUCTS AND CAN HELP ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS.” —Melanie Steinau Natural Living Manager Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH Photo Credit: Jill Matthews MELANIE STEINAU Ask the dietitians g Have a nutrition question? Comment on our Facebook page (@FreshThymeFarmersMarkets) and your question may be featured next! meet EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT freshthyme.com | July/August 2018 3 CV2-003 TOC_Ed Letter-v2.indd 3 6/12/18 1:15 PM