J U L Y/AUGUST 2018 toastsummer withatea-jito! p.26 in this issue 12 FIRE UP THE GRILL Master the grill with tools, techniques, and cooking temperatures. From spice rubs and marinades to sauces and grill planks, our handy guide has you covered. 18 THYME TO EAT CLEAN Want to follow a cleaner way of eating? We'll help you start today with a few basic guidelines and a shopping list. 22 VEG OUT! Summer veggies are at their peak of ripeness and perfect for sweet corn salad, heirloom tomato tart, and grilled squash. 26SUMMER SIPS Quench your summer thirst with refreshing Summer Tea-jitos. 28 GO WITH YOUR GUT Feed your flora by adding fermented, pickled, and cultured foods and drinks from Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to your daily diet. 32 FUN FARE Love fair food but trying to keep it light for summer? Our recipes offer better-for- you (yet tasty) alternatives! SECT IONS 4RIPE NOW A SLICE OF SUMMER Explore the variety of melons available at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. 38 MAKES CENTS PICNIC POCKETS Host a budget-friendly picnic with portable BLT Pita Pockets. 40 HEALTHY LIFE FEED YOUR FLORA Find a probiotic tailored to your specific needs and age group. 7FRESH FINDS WHAT ‘S IN STORE Check out our new and noteworthy product picks. 10DIETITIANS' CORNER PRIORITIZE PROTEIN Learn the importance of incorporating protein throughout your day. 36KIDS’ THYME PLAY IT SAFE Keep kids safe with all- natural sunscreen and bug spray this summer. freshthyme.com | July/August 2018 1 CV2-003 TOC_Ed Letter-v2.indd 1 6/12/18 8:35 AM