A YEAR TO GROW Take on bite-size monthly goals this year toward a happier, healthier you. MAIN SQUEEZE Brighten up winter meals with refreshing, nutrient-rich citrus fruits. HEALTHY BLENDS Follow our simple formula for making nutrition-packed smoothies and smoothie bowls. SLO00W GOOD SOUPS Try these slow cooker soups that are not only good, they’re good for you. 26 44 GREAT GRAINS Identify grains from the bulk bins, and learn how to cook and serve them. 42 TOAST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Rev up an on-the-go meal favorite: avocado toast served three ways. 24 NATURALLY SWEET Swap natural sweeteners for refined sugar in these delicious, drool-worthy desserts. 32 38 14 JANUAR Y / F E B R U A R Y contents 2018 S freshthyme.com | January/February 2018 1 0C2-003 TOC_Ed Letter2.indd 1 12/18/17 8:28 AM