IF YOU’VE YET TO JOIN THE KOMBUCHA BANDWAGON, CONSIDER CLIMBING ABOARD. THIS POPULAR DRINK IS A FIZZY, REFRESHING FERMENTED TEA STEEPED IN HEALTH BENEFITS. BUT PREPARE TO PUCKER—IT CAN BE A TART RIDE. As far as modern trends go, this one has been fermenting a long time. Kombucha (kohm-BOO-cha), today’s popular fermented tea with puckeringly tart taste and eye-opening health benefits, isn’t exactly new. It’s been 2,000 years in the making, tracing back to ancient China when it was considered an immortal health elixir. So the “immortal elixir” part might have been overstated, but kombucha is certainly good for you. It helps with gut health, sleep, and immune systems. It’s also simple. Kombucha is a brewed green or black tea that ferments with probiotic bacteria. Fruit, spices, or flavorings may be added. The natural process creates a character similar to hard ciders. Some enthusiasts brew their own, but tapping into the trend is as easy as buying a bottle of one of today’s mixes, such as mango or cherry. Find them in the cooler. Watch for additives, though. “Kombucha is a terrifically tart drink filled with health benefits,” says Meghan Daw, Fresh Thyme Registered Dietitian. “Choose a flavor that appeals to you, but keep an eye out for added sugar.” Maybe it won’t help you live forever, but this bubbly drink can help you live better. kombuch huh? #FRESHTHYMEFINDS Ready to do the kombucha? You can choose from our many flavors. They’re refrigerated and ready-to-drink. freshthyme.com | September/October 2017 51 050-051 Fresh Insights_Kombucha.indd 51 8/14/17 11:59 AM