FOR THE CATCH OF THE DAY, TRAWL THE SEAFOOD SECTION FOR FISH, SHRIMP, CRABS, CLAMS, AND MORE. IT’S NUTRITIOUS AND SEA-LICIOUS! garlic sauce; or Thai crusted fish sticks. Seafood brings a healthy variety to your dinner routine. Fish and seafood are good for you.Manyoftheoptionsarerichwithomega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and quality protein. Food from the sea can also help with immunity, heart health, joints, and even brain power and healthy skin. Dietary guidelines encourage people to eat fish two times per week to reap the many health benefits associated with fish. So why not? National Seafood Month is coming (October), and the seafood is ready. It’s thyme to go fish! The call of the sea is an alluring one. There’s the sweet flavor of lobsters and crabs from the ocean depths, the intrigue of shelled clams and mussels, or the bite-size temptations of meaty shrimp. Then come the fish. The Fresh Thyme seafood section carries many fresh options. You’ll find favorites like flavorful wild Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets or garlic lemon cod. Check your store for regional favorites like jumbo perch and walleye—both with firm white meat and clean flavor—from the cold waters of Canada. Make it easy to get from-the-sea fare on the dinner table with prepared choices, such as crab salad, shrimp dumplings, or tuna poke, a Hawaiian salad. There are also delicious frozen options, such as the 12-ounce salmon lemon rosemary, which comes with a cedar plank for grilling; mussels with tomato and 036-037 Hook Line Sinker.indd 36 8/14/17 11:54 AM