22 14 Bring home the flavor of autumn’s fruits of the fields: squash, sweet potatoes, beets, and more. UPPER CRUST Try a new take on pizza with a tasty cauliflower crust. HOOK, LINE, &SINKER The catch of the day is freshness. Whether it’s tuna, shrimp, or lobster, sea-ing is believing. BRAIN FOODS What you eat can help improve your brain power. Now that’s smart eating! GAME DAY Upgrade your tailgate with pumpkin chili, skewer creations, and bite-size cornbread. Score! 32 FILL UP WITH FAMILY Make your meals more meaningful by creating a table focused on family. 38NICESPICE, BABY Warm sweets become even sweeter with the allure of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices of fall. 36 44 24HARVEST TABLE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 contents Z OOH-WORTHY OATMEAL Berries, cinnamon, and quick oats bake into a family-size breakfast sensation. recipe, page39 freshthyme.com | September/October 2017 1 0C2-003 TOC_Ed Letter.indd 1 8/14/17 11:27 AM