When herb farmer Vern Meyer walks through his fields, greenhouses, and smaller hoop houses where crops grow, the sights and smells sweep him up in daydreams. “Cilantro—I love it! Every time I’m walking through a field of cilantro, I’m imagining how I can use it,” he says. “I can taste it already. I also know what a little chopped basil will do and how chives can put flavor where there wasn’t much.” If this farmer thinks like a chef, there’s a reason. His goal years ago was to own a five-star restaurant, but when that didn’t happen, he looked down at the dirt and found his future. “I was just a guy from Chicago and I knew very little about growing things,” Vern says. “But I saw the future in herbs. This was in the late 1970s and people were starting to buy fresh herbs instead of getting dried stuff from little jars.” Now he sells fresh-from-the-soil herbs through Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. His Wauconda, Illinois, Meyer Farms have been offering chives, cilantro, oregano, and 25 other herbs for 30 years. Continued on page 8. fulfilled FLAVOR quick herb tips • Chop sage as finely as possible. The leaves can be tough. the more you chop, the better the taste. • For depth of flavor, add three small sprigs of rosemary when brining meat, or add a sprig when grilling fish. • boost the freshness of purchased pasta sauce by adding basil or oregano. • Add cilantro to soups and stir-fries toward the end of the cooking time to retain the herb’s full flavor. “FRESH HERBS ARE SENSUAL. YOU EAT THEM WITH YOUR EYES,” SAYS FRESH THYME HERB FARMER, VERN MEYER. “THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EATING SOMETHING THAT IS JUST AVERAGE AND EATING A MEAL THAT IS BEAUTIFUL.” *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Probi® is a registered trademark of Probi AB. ©2017 Solgar, Inc. The complete line of Solgar nutritional supplements is available at fine health food retailers worldwide. For store locations and additional information, visit solgar.com or call 1.800.645.2246 PROBI® 20 BILLION: Clinically supported results. Studied and substantiated through 10+ years of scientific research.* Also available: Probi® 30 Billion. COMFORT ZONE: Feel better about the foods you eat… worry less about the foods you enjoy.* SOLGAR MAKES EVERY DAY A GREAT DIGESTION DAY!* FROM MORNING TO MEALTIME FROM MORNING TO MEALTIME freshthyme.com | May/June 2017 7