BADGER OUTDOOR ESSENTIALS Certified Natural & Organic Protection for the Whole Family W.S. BADGER COMPANY, INC. Gilsum, NH 03448 • USA • #BadgerBalm MRM AD Meet the Fresh Thyme meat department, where the beef is USDA-certified Choice-grade with no added hormones or growth steroids. Affordable, fresh-cut steaks, ground beef, meaty chicken pieces, whole chickens, bacon, and pork chops are always available, as are a selection of roasts for all occasions. The flavorful meats are prepared by our in-house butchers. But the department’s signature product is the fresh sausage handmade every day in store. There are more than a dozen varieties, such as Sweet Bourbon, Hot Buffalo, and Ultimate Italian, all nitrate-free. If you don’t see the kind you want, the butchers can craft it for you. There’s convenience in the case, too. Many varieties of ground meat are prepared fresh daily. More than 20 items are ready to sauté, roast, or grill with no additional prep required. For a quick and affordable meal solution, consider the marinated chicken fajita or beef carne asada mixes, fresh and good to go. Cutting edge, indeed. Top-notch service cuttoyour specifications Get exactly what you want, every time! Expert butchers can prepare any cut of meat or handmade sausage just for you. marinatedjust foryou Have any meat fully marinated in a vacuum tumbler while you shop. The impact is 30 to 40% more flavor and tenderizing than sitting in a marinade. And total time: just 15 minutes! above A CUT FEATURING NATURAL MEATS AND EXPERT ON-SITE BUTCHERS, FRESH THYME'S MEAT DEPARTMENT OFFERS SUPERIOR PRODUCTS AND PERSONAL SERVICE AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. #FreshThymeFinds The meat department also offers game meat, bison, venison, and elk in the frozen meat section! | May/June 2017 47