Steak Out!

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market has the best steaks in town—bar none. Talk to our on-site butcher for help in picking out the perfect steak. Ask to have the steak trimmed and wrapped as well; it’s a free service we’re happy to provide.

A. Filet
Lean, with very little fat, filets are cut from the tenderloin. Considered the most healthful of steaks, every bite is tender and edible—no bone or gristle.

B. T-Bone
A classic steak, so named because of the T-shape bone in its center, this steak delivers on all fronts. It’s also two steaks in one: a filet and a strip.

C. Rib Steak
Cut from the rib section with the bone in, or the bone removed for a rib-eye, this is a tender steak. Heavy marbling (thin streaks of white fat through the steak) indicate an excellent, juicy cut.

D. New York Strip
Featuring less fat than the rib-eye, the New York strip has many fans. Choose steaks that are straight. These steaks usually have excellent marbling and are more tender than curved cuts.